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Text take from The Guiness Who's Who of New Wave and Indie
Formed in London in May 1974, the 101ers made their performing debut four months later at the Telegraph pub in Brixton. Led by guitarist/vocalist Joe Strummer, the group established itself on the London pub-rock circuit. The two last shows the band played as support slots by the Sex Pistols. These shows confirmed Strummer's that he should play punk and when Mick Jones and Paul Simenon - who had seen 101'ers asked Strummer to join their new band called the Clash Joe didn't have a second though before joining. So 101'ers breakup June 1976.

Best known 101'ers line-up was: Joe Strummer, Clive Timperly (guitar) later joining the Passions. Dan Kelleher (bass) moved on to the Derelicts and Richard Dudanski (drums) went on to work with the Raincoats and Public Image Limited. Maybe we should also mentention Alvaro Pena-Rojas who was one of the original members of the 101'ers and later made many strange and eccentic self published records.

Keys to Your Heart single was issued on the independent Chiswick label one month after the band has broke up. In 1981 was released LP Elgin Avenue Breakdown, a collection of live recordings, BBC sessions and studio out-takes. The material ranged from traditional R&B (Too Much Monkey Business, Route 66) to ebullient originals which showed the singer's abrasive delivery already in place.


Keys to Your Heart / 5 Star Rock & Roll Petrol (Big Beat/Chiswick NS-3) -76
Sweet Revenge / Rabies (from the Dogs of Love) (äänitetty -75 Chiswick NS-63) -81
** LP ** Elgin Ave Breakdown (demoja + muutama live vuosilta 75-76; Andalucia AND-101) -81

Most important tracks on compilations:

Fool's Gold (Chiswick Chartbusters Vol 1): Keys to Your Heart (Chiswick CH-2)
Never Mind Other Labels, Her's Chiswick: ??? (10" promo; Chiswick/Phonogram 0900.045)
Burning Ambitions - A History of Punk: Keys To Your Heart (2LP; Cherry Red D RED3) -82
The Chiswick Story: Keys to Your Heart (CDWIK2 100 (2 CDs))
Good Clean Fun: Sweet Revenge (Chiswick - CDWIKX 162) -95
PUNK Lost and Found: Keys to Your Heart (Shanachie 5705) -96

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