Hiljaiset Levyt

Bio Disco Suomeksi
style: Raw rock in Marvel spirit
Comes from:: Pori
Members: Management: Harri Pihlaja
Nyyrikintie 14 D 35, 33540 Tampere, Finland phone INT + 358 - 40 - 5218217

Wolfmen photo

Wolfmen really started howl in 1988 when they made a D.I.Y. split-EP with band called Lšhtevšt Junat. It was a good start, but better was coming: next one Zombie Hop / A Hetic Mission was a smash! It did get lotís of air-play, raving reviews, A-side made it to US compilation CD and Ö Hiljaiset Levyt did sign the band. The next release was furious I'm Insane / Lost single, and after that it was time to recorded the debut CD.

This debut was The Shadow War, which was just perfect. Raw guitar riffs, massive basses, rich sounds and huge guitar wall. Itís record in Marvel comics and XXX-rated movies spirit! 14 fast hardrock songs with punk edge. The Shadow War did get four Kís from Kerrang! and five starts from Moshabel.

If The Shadow War was great the next one Brutal had even better songs. The Wolfmen continue on their own tracks. Somebody said itís punkheavy , some other brawling hardrock and some one rockrock. More guitars, more wonderful riffs, more cllasic melodies and more raw vocals - thatís what Brutal is all about. There are some poppier - hmmm, or at least Wolfmen called them poppier - tracks like the Perfect World, but mainly itís fast and direct; best example of these kind of songs is Shades of Guilt which made it to the Reindeer Rock '94 compilation. Studio wizard Jani Viitanen did once again magnificent job producing and mixing the CD. After the second CD everything seemed bright and Wolfmen tour a lot. They did play for example at Stralsund festival, Germany.

But then there came these well know "musical differences" and Zimi SŲderberg did leave the band early 1997. New man in the guitar was in fact not so new. He was Putte Seittonen who had some time been a replacement and he had also sung backing vocals in the Brutal CD. In early 1980 Putte had played in Hexenhaus (gotich band) and in Max & the Crooners (rockabilly combo).

Zimis leaving was a problem also because he had written nearly all of the song for the two first CD. So now it was time for Korpi and Koskinen to pick up the composition pen. For the third CD Korpi did write 10 songs and Koskinen 3 + there are some tasty covers also. Music became now a little bit more punk, but itís roots are still in hard guitarrock. The theme of text on Urban Voodoo is , as the name says Urban life in the spirit of John Woo, Quentin Tarantino and Millers Sin City. This new CD will come out in 16.4.1998

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