style: punk in 77 style
comes from: Tampere

1995: Tiina, Riitta, Juha, Sami - photo: Anssi Männistö
1996: Tiina, Riitta, Kukka, Sami - photo: Anssi Männistö
1996: Tiina, Riitta, Kukka, Sami - photo: Päivi-Maria Näätänen
1996: Tiina, Riitta, Kukka, Sami - photo: Päivi-Maria Näätänen
1996: Tiina - photo: Päivi-Maria Näätänen
1996: Riitta - photo: Päivi-Maria Näätänen
1996: Kukka - photo: Päivi-Maria Näätänen
1996: Sami - photo: Päivi-Maria Näätänen

There would be not Punk Lurex OK without punk - of course - and without one of it's best finnish band Kollaa Kestää; (1977 - 1981). Tiina and Riitta were Kollaa Kestää fans just like ... for example Jukka Junttila the boss of our funny little label.

When Riitta & Tiina form a band called Porttikielto the band start play some of Kollaa Kestää songs and 'cause one thing leads to another they did sometimes play tribute gigs to Kollaa Kestää, ie. did only play Kollaa Kestää songs. On one of these gigs there was a guy called Juha Helminen (legendary guitarist of Kollaa Kestää) in the audience - and after seen the band play he forced them to take him in the band. Girls couldn't say no. That was the end of Porttikielto and the beginning of Punk Lurex OK. Juha asked if Jyrki Siukonen (the drummer of Kollaa Kestää) would also like to play with him & the girls. At that time (and also now) Jyrki was a well kown artist (visual arts) and haven't played for a long time, but as surpirse to everybody he said: "Why not". So the first line up of Punk Lurex OK was ready.

After few months band was in studio and did record the first single Paalimajassa / Tappajan Silmät. Some trivia: Tappajan Silmät is a cover version of Gary Gilmore's Eyes by The Adverts. The single was sold out in few weeks and everything seems to be fine, but ... Siukonen said that he don't have enough time for giging and he planed going to England to continue his visual arts studies. So now Punk Lurex OK was without drummer, but not for long. New drummer Sami Paivärinta was found soon, band starts gigging and girls did write more songs of their own.

On July 1995 the band released their debut mini-CD (8 songs) Veljet, Siskot! (Brothers, Sisters!) full of fresh 77-punk (Yep, You might find it funny that I use words fresh and 77-punk in same sentence, but ... well at same time it's old and new) with good melodies, catchy choruslines and t h a t guitar-sound - and attitude!

In september 1995 there were more changes in line-up. Helminen who was much older that others was replaced by Kukka who had played in many local Ramo-pop bands. At the same times Veljet, Siskot! was released also in Germany by Teenage Reberl Records.

It took so far as September 1996 before the new CD was ready. This Hatut ja Myssyt (Hats and Caps) was even more powerful than Veljet Siskot. Song have more nuances (for example Julma Syyskuu) and text are even sharper. There is also a new version of Paalimajassa which was their first single and sold out long time ago. Producer Jani Viitanen has made crystal clear sounds which make the record really enjoyable. Fine old school punk record all together.

Remember: Punk Rules OK

Stop press: Hatut ja Myssyt will be released as vinyl LP in Germany (by Teenage Reberl Records) in December 1996.



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