style: phlegmatic and apathetic 77-punk
comes from: Turku

Well, let's start from the name: In English Mahtavat Lampopussit is The Great Heating Bags! What kind of name that is You may ask, and we will answer ... well ... well, it's a long story. A long time a go there live a very well known sports man called Tahko Pihkala (note the name of the CD!) and besides all fabulous things he did (for example invented the Finnish national games Pesapallo) he did made some inventions and one of those was the great heating bags which You wear in Your hand while You ski and Your hands didn't get cold! It wasn't a great invention, but sure looked funny. So now You know.
This strangely named combo is playing phlegmatic and apathetic punk! These elements are best find from self ironic and sarcastic lyrics and maybe also from "old fashioned melodies". It's HC-pop or ... something else.
The roots of Lampopussit are in Helsinki (capital of Finland) and in year 1986 when Salomies (who had guitar, voice and damned many songs) meat Palviainen. They did search the whole Helsinki but didn't find a drummer so the moved to Turku, did get a drummer (Pesonen) and second guitarist (Koistinen) and soon the band was making terrible local gigs. But they developed and in 1993 they where signed to Hiljaiset Levyt and soon after made a semi-legendary Jeesus Kaski Mut Parturiin (Jesus Said I Should Go To Barber) single.
After embarrassing, odd and strange gig in Oulu (town in northern Finland) the band was in crisis. The only solution was that the powerduo Palviainen and Salomies had to have start a new Mahtavat Lampopussit. The duo become a trio when Salminen came to drummer of the Bags.
By this time the made awful lot of songs and the best were selected to this debyt CD Tahkotaan. Which is a really compact entirety: short named short songs play by the trio.
Always for the name of Tahko Pihkala! discography:

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Created by JJu: December 14, 1995
Last Updated: January 9, 1996