style: fast and loud guitar rock
comes from: Tampere

- formed in December 1985 when they borrowed instruments for Christmas holiday.
- at the beginning they lived in Vammalla (very small town), but they all moved till Tampere after they were signed to Hiljaiset Levyt.
- they hate people who says that they sound like Hanoi Rocks.
- really lively live band.
- cult status in Finland.
- German tour in October-November 1993; then they played also at B.I.D. '93
- they used to say that guitar is a percussion instrument and that's why You must hit it.
- Jansku (Jan Nylund) did in November 1995. Jansku where ever You are now we still love You!
- Pankku and Toni has now a band called Shakedown - the future will show ....


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Created by JJu: December 14, 1995
Last Updated: December 14, 1995