Juggling Jugulars
Hiljaiset Levyt

Style: Melodic hardcore
Comes from: Vaasa
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Does somebody say that anarco-HC is dead? Well, maybe in the old sense, but Juggling Jugulars brings it back with more melodies and... with a feeling. This stuff is more relevant now than ever!

Although Juggling Jugulars was formed as "late" as in 1989 the members had played in various punk/hc bands before that (Sabotaasi and Treblinka are the most important of those). And that's why their first self published single (Radicals of Today) was already "the real thing". In fact it was so good they didn't have to ask for a record deal - the record company asked if they were willing to do more these kind of records.

After a year out came Gun in My Heart EP which was followed by a 13 gig European tour. More contacts were made and soon the band was on a compilation LP in Germany and made a split-EP in France. 1992 came and with it their classic My Dream (is not the United States of Europe ...but it's just a dream about global unity) EP. After touring in Finland there was a little bit slower period up till 1994 when Jugulars made their second one month European tour and recorded ...for Humanity mini-CD, which was released in Belgium as a vinyl mini-LP.

Another year and another one month tour in Europe, many gigs in Finland and in the end of 1995 Jugulars recorded new material which was released in February 1996. This Positively Fed Up brings the band back to it's roots: If ...for Humanity did look for a cross-over between anarco-HC and skatepunk, Positively Fed Up is more straight hardcore punk - in an old way. There is even one old Treblinka song (Muuttolinnut) on the record. Songs are short (14 of them in less than 19 minutes) but hard hitting and the lyrics are sharper than ever!

Interest towards the band in Europe arises. The best example of this is when the next CD (New Toys, 1997) was not even released in Finland yet, it's tracks were already licensed to Germany and Poland. When the previous CD Positively Fed Up was fast and direct HC, now there are also "slower" songs like the melodic and very catchy Burn! Burn! Burn!. Of course also the hardcore side of Juggling Jugulars is present on this record. Was the tempo fast or very fast, the songs are always strong and rough, but at the same time melodic and catchy. Their influences come from from punk, hardcore, crusty and trash. There are also some changes in the lyrics. When on the last record the texts were positively bored, now itís time to think about the big issues and the lyrics are darker than last time... of course there still is the optimistic undertone in them.

These are the new songs in which steps the Jugulars rocks, and also rolls over the Europe. The fifth European tour starts in the beginning of April and the JJ will visit Germany, Benelux countries, France, Czech and Poland.

Band members have several activities in Antifa movement, Seinäjoki Direct Action and Anarchist Organizations. Jantsa is also the editor of Toinen Vaihtoehto (the best monthly punk/subculture-action news/info-zine in Finland).

Toinen Vaihtoehto
P.O.B. 1
65200 Vaasa

"I've got Western Disease - I am emotionally dead / ...maybe I should buy a cat"

There's a bunch of reviews of Juggling Jugulars records here, and a complete gig list is also available.

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