Jalla Jalla
Hiljaiset Levyt

Jalla Jalla means "faster faster". In Turkey it is a stomach complaint...

Style: Ramones meets Rubettes
Comes from: The Polar Circle (Rovaniemi)
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"How I remember it all happened" by J. Junttila, Mr. Nice Guy of Hiljaiset Levyt....

"It's been quite a long time since the first Jalla Jalla single found it's way from the Polar Circle to southern Finland - in fact it was in April 1987. I remember really well the moment when I opened that days post and there was a 7" which cover looked, oh so fun: There was one man ski-jumping and two others dancing at the downhill. Later I found out that all five of the band actually ski jump. After I had listened the record once I was ready to sign them - and it was the first (and still the only) band which I have signed without seeing them playing live.

After that I have seen Jouko Hiltunen (guitar), Jukka Tarkiainen (guitar), Harri Pöyhtäri (vocals), Pekka Kärhä (bass), Pertti Tuononen (drums) live many many times, and I have enjoyed every moment, especially that time when they had a playing contest with two other bands. It was at 3 day City Festivals, the rules where that the band which plays most gigs that last at least 20 minutes and have at least 20 people watching them will win. Jalla Jalla played 29 gigs! Well, they didn't win because they did play too long sets (I didn't complain) and they had 50 litres of home made beer with them.

They were never in a hurry when we talked about recordings. It took more than two years before they were ready to make their first LP - and it was a classic! Even those choosey Brits found out it's value and it was licensed to England by Plastic Surgery Records. After the release of the LP Jalla Jalla started a one month European tour in which they played with bands like Miracle Workers and Doctor & the Medics.

And after the first LP they were even less hurry than before. They made one week attacks to southern Finland every now and then, but new songs... well they had made some, but were not very keen on recording them - and I never found out why. So after a year I phoned them about once a week and after we had talked about ski jumping and fishing (their other favourite hobby) I asked when will they record the next album. Their answer was always: "Soon." When I had asked this question about 40 times they finally said OK if Kari Hipponen would be the producer. So once again a delay before the busy Mr. Hipponen was available.

But hell, it was worth waiting for! What we have here is plenty of good guitar rock coloured by punk, ska and country, boyishlike recklessness, wonderful melodies, lots of guitars, speed and liveliness.

Soon after Crumelur was released in Finland it was licensed to USA by NKVD Records, and this US-version has as bonus tracks nearly the whole first LP.

In September-October 1992 Jalla Jalla did their second European tour, and in 1993 they had made two week tours in Germany and in Denmark, where they did play for 15.000 people in outdoor festival.

After that came the usual short attacks from the Santa Claus Land (i.e. Northern Finland) to south, one of these tours was called Roi Soi (Roi = Rovaniemi, their home town, Soi = Sound) and on that tour bunch of three from Rovaniemi (Jalla Jalla, Greenhouse AC and Nightingales) played 15 gigs together - these were really wonderful nights! In 1994 Jalla Jalla played three weeks in Denmark once again and recorded a new CD called Snowmans Land

What can I tell You about Snowmans Land? Somebody had said that Jalla Jalla is the melting furnace of pop music and maybe that describes the CD. On Snowmans Land we hear once again fine melodies, catchy riffs, singing with an attitude and lots of "good ol' rock'n'roll". The normal flavourings to guitar rock are ska, reggae, countrypunk, pop and even ragtime!

What about the future? Twang! Records from Germany is going to release a single (maybe on May) and it's possible that the A-side will be Rubettes' classic (eh?) Jukebox Jive. Also Ducks Deluxe's Please, please, please has been recorded, but the B-side will be their own tune. Jalla Jalla will also be on soon to be released Hanoi Rocks tribute CD. Next European tour will take place in September of 1996, and .... "the story continues".

What has the press said about Jalla Jalla records:
  • "This is a band with a lot of strengths. To start with, there's great singing with a slightly nasally, slightly roughened up sound. Then there's the guitar, which fires off those Johnny Thunders meets Chuck Berry type solos at the drop of a hat. There's great songwriting that provides lots of memorable hooks. ", Noise for Heroes (USA)

  • "This is UP-tempo, I admit. This is POP. This is Northern- (Nomads, Sinners, Shoutless) -style. But above all, it's just damned good Rock and Roll!! ", Hartbeat (Germany)

  • "Minnesota Plates is the perfect A-side in that it rocks out quite nicely, but it also has an infectiously poppy chorus that you'll still be singing long after it's over", The Big Takeover (USA)

  • "Finnish desertrock might not sound very cool, but hell it is!", Moshable (Denmark)

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