Hundred Million Martians
Hiljaiset Levyt

Style: Funpowerpunkpop
Comes from: Turku
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Although Hundred Million Martians was formed as early as in 1991, it wasn't until 1994 that they finally dared to leave their rehearsal place and play out live for the first time. But the days in the rehearsal place were useful: the band already had dozens of catchy, energetic pop songs. In the beginning they gigged mainly in their home town of Turku supporting such Finnish acts as 69 Eyes, Karkkiautomaatti and Juliet Jonesin Sydän.

In 1996 things really started to move. First, Maho Pop Records released a compilation CD Return of the Babysitter containing two tracks by HMM. The compilation was reviewed widely and HMM tracks got good reviews and were played by local and national radio stations. After this the band also got gigs outside of Turku.

Hundred Million Martians also took part in the Koff-Rock band competition - along with 600 other bands - and won it. As a prize they won studio time + 500 copies of CDs. This CD contains four powerpop classics: Brighter Days has a catchy refrain and talks about the sunny sides of life, Damned honours... guess who, Jesus is a black and slow guitarwall and last, but not least, Hate Male is a brisk singalong type of song.

After the competition things started to roll. Brighter Days from the EP was well airplayed in many radiostations around Finland, the band started to gig regularyly and Hiljaiset levyt signed the band. And soon it was time to record full length CD. This Martian Arts was produced by one of the leading Finnish indie-producer Jani Viitanen - and of course it sound g-r-e-a-t. CD includes a new version of the hit Brighter Days - even more powerful than before - and twelve new favourites from bright, melodic popsongs (like A Perfect Pop Song) to fast powerpop tracks with grunge/metal edge (What’s the Matter with You) and finally, the magnificent, epic Something About You.

If these brief descriptions of the songs didn't tell you what kind of band Hundred Million Martians is what more can we say? Hunderd Million Martians are before all melodic guitar rock, which knows the tradition of powerpop from Buzzcocks and Cheap Trick to Mega City 4 and Wildhearts. They make short, simple, and catchy popsongs with powerful choruses, all of which is glazed with buzzing guitars.

You have been warned: The Martians have landed and the truth is out there in your backyard!

Beautiful bear

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Hey mom, look! The truth is out there in our backyard!