Hiljaiset Levyt

Style: Spacepsychobilly
Comes from: Tampere
Members: Discography:
  • The Verminous (mini-LP) Dekadenz FUCK-009 -87
  • Godzilla's Bazooka 7" EP (HIKS-014) -89
  • Blind Man / Song & Legend (HIKS-020) -90
  • Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt (CD: HILL-013, MC: HIMO-013) -92
    We Move / Ping Pong You / Snotbrakes Gotta Move / Ufoes in Alderaan / Go Johnny Go (Home) / Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White / ? / Country Män / Jane B. / Swahala Go / K. A. Man / Still You Are Here with Your Monkeys / Kill the System / Poon-Tang / Injun

  • Lost Tapes (MC) (HIOR-002) -95
  • Garbagemen photo

    If a band has been around and going for ten years and has made only one mini-LP (The Verminous ' 87), one EP (Godzilla's Bazooka ' 89), one single (Blind Man ' 90) and one CD (Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt ' 92), you can be sure there's something special in that band - and there sure is in Garbagemen!

    At the beginning they where some kind of a psychobilly band, but that was so long ago. Nowadays the only direct connection to psychobilly is their side project called Banaanimiehet (the Bananamen), which play Stingrays songs with Finnish lyrics.

    After their psychobilly period they called themselves splatterpunks, but now the punk can only be seen in their attitude. The name of the band was taken from the Cramps (OK, I know you did guess that), but do they have much in common with the Cramps any more?

    Well... why are we trying to put some label on these guys if it's so hard? They know what they're doing, and they know that they have "a mission" - a garbage mission.

    Beautiful bear

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