style: guitar rock with stinging, humorous lyrics
comes from: Tampere
members: gigs: Dex Viihde / Hannu Korhonen, +358 6 4231244, Int.fax. +358 6 4231444

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The incredible tie-trick done by Pasi - gif-animaatio! Texts in finnish, but You'll get the point.


Alivaltiosihteeri Year by Year

Story about how a band which didn't know how to play and to whom everybody laught at, become a band which could play a little and to whom everybody still laught at.

9.2. miss Satu Kurvinen, the orginal singer of ALIVALTIOSIHTEERI is born in Mikkeli.

16.5. mr Jyrki Liikka, the drummer of ALIVALTIOSIHTEERI is born in Muhos.

14.4. mr Pasi Heikura, the guitarist of ALIVALTIOSIHTEERI is born in Karvia.
6.9. mr Simo Frangén, the bassist of ALIVALTIOSIHTEERI is born in Nakkila.

21.8. mr Matti Toivonen, the current singer of ALIVALTIOSIHTEERI is born in Kokemaki.

Heikura and Liikka meet at Oriveden Opistossa -institute and play in a studen band.
Also Kurvinen studies a Oriveden Opisto.

Frangén and Heikura meet at the Universtiy of Tampere where both of them studies sosiology.

Liikka starts also his studies at the Universtiy of Tampere.
Heikura, Liikka, Kurvinen, P.J. Mattila and Lasse Norblad starts a band called ANKARA.

Norblad leaves the band and Frangén comes in. At the end of the year P.J. Mattila decide to leave the band.
Matti Toivonen becomes the singer of band called MurMurr.

Ankara must change it name to ALIVALTIOSIHTEERI because there's a jazz-etno-band in Helsinki called Ankara.
Satu Kurvinen starts a dj-job at local radio station Radio 957 in Tampere.

More gigs in Tampereella. First ties used during shows.
Jukka Junttila ask ALIVALTIOSIHTEERI to record for just founded record label Hiljaiset Levyt.
At november the first single "Te olette huono yleiso / Kuvittelen olevani" comes out.

First gig in Helsinki and first TV appearence.
New single "Brassailen poikaystävilläni / Pikku-ukot", A-side is a cover version of "Grindling Halt" by the Cure.
During the summer band records it's first LP "Eduskuntatalo".
More TV appearences.
Radio 957 asks Frangén-Heikura-Kurvinen to make a regular humorous radio show called Naurun remakkaa - F-H-K answers YES!

Regular gigging starts
Live-ep "Ole noyra!" is recorded at Tampereen Yo-talo. It is released in September, also a humor cassette "Naurun remakkaa!" comes out at same time.
Matti Toivonen moves to the Dog Eat Dog.

Second LP Tasavallan Presidentti II comes out.
In August ALIVALISIHTEERI plays at inauguration of a real Under Secretary of the State, Juhani Kivela.
New single "Mauno Henrik Koivisto / Alivaltiosihteeri" is recorded.
At the independence day of Finland (6.12.) ALIVALTIOSIHTEERI play live in TV-show called Harmarock
Hannu Korhonen becomes the booking agency of the band

Kurvinen leaves the band and starts her career as touristguide. Matti Toivonen joins the band
"Mauno Henrik Koivisto" single comes out.
New LP "Yhteiskunta - Rakenne ja toiminta" is realesed in November.
Even more gigs.
Jukka Haarma from Finnish National Radio asks if band wants to have a radioshow at the National Radio. The Alivaltiosihteeri - Suomen Virallinen Ohjelma (Alivaltiosihteeri - The National Program of Finland) begins.

Band starts to make tours insted of weekly giging. First tour "Tie thunder over Finland" is in November.
Even more TV appearences.

New LP "Yeah Baby Yeah" is recoreded and released, a tour with same name begins in March. Single "Mainio seuramies" becomes a hit and another single "Tylsaa" becomes a flop at TV-show Levyraati.
"Nasta Kaupunki" appears on French compilation LP Garden Party.
At the end of the Year ALIVALTIOSIHTEERI makes a TV-program "Alivaltiosihteeri 75 Years" for National TV and it's elected to represent Finland at Montreaux TV-festival.

New cd-ep: "Taa aika muistuttaa 90-lukua".
Really few gigs in the first half of the year.
New CD (made with producer Kari Hipponen and engineer Jani Viitanen) "Taustamusiikkia kansannousulle" ("Backgroung music for the revolution") is released in 3.9. which is the birthday of Finlands ex-president Urho Kekkonen. Tour with the same name begins.
New 4 part TV-series is made.

Tour in Lapland and some gigs in big town in southern Finland
Once again new TV-series this time 6 parts and it's called "Alivaltiosihteeri Valvoo" ("Alivaltiosihteeri is watching").
Band start to record new album with their soundman Meenis Niin.

Pilot single ("Kannissa / Maailman mukavin mies") of new CD come out in February and big tour begins at the same time and it will end in May.
In March ALIVLATIOSIHTEERI is 10 years old and a tribute album for them is released.
New CD "Innostuneet sonnit" comes out in April.
Radio-show "Alivaltiosihteeri Suomen virallinen ohjelma" gets the Studio Kymppi price for the best radio-program of the year.
Big 10-year party will be held in autumn when Satu Kurvinen comes back to Finland - even the President of Finland did send his regards to the party.


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